FROTTOIR ( Zydeco rub-board )

pronounced : somewhere between frot-wire & frot-waaah

Made of stainless steel in the Bayou of Louisiana, USA

These are not a tourist model and are made for Fredrico Percussion by the same metal craftsmen that assisted Clifton & Cleveland Chenier in the invention of a rub-board that has shoulder rests--Frottoir. Clifton Chenier is credited with being the father of Zydeco Music.

The Frottoir is an essential for authentic Zydeco Music, but also can be played in many music formats, including southern prorch style blues. Steve Gadd played one with one hand using a drumstick while playing drum set with Eric Clapton on a traditional blues tune.

Can be played with : drumsticks,church key openers, metal thimbles, drum brushes,screwdrivers, metal shoe horns taped to the fingers of work gloves and any other means your imagination takes you to. ( not supplied with scraper ) You could even try playing a Frottoir with spoons and forks, but we suggest making sure all remainents of last night's dinner of red beans and rice have been removed. Want to wash your cloths with one? No problem since stainless steel doesn't rust, but scratch marks will appear when using metal scrapers.

price: $255.00

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